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About Wyte Lyte
 Welcome to Wyte Lyte Astrological Services-
Why Astrology?    I've been a Questioner all my life. Who, what, when, where and why. This is where I've found most of my answers and I'd like to share this wellspring with you.
Thirty years ago I began studying Astrology in an effort to disprove it. Over the course of time this ancient science has disspelled my skepticism. Casting charts for friends and relatives, I could see the results of my delineations and interpretations first hand. Because I was doubtful to begin with , I  was usually surprised at the accuracy of  the interpretation of planetary energies.
Now I have come to rely on astrology as I rely on the weather report to know if I need an umbrella, or the traffic report to know if I should use an alternate route to my destination.
Astrology doesn't predict what your life will be: You determine that.
Astrology just lets you know what energies are working with you, and what energies are working against you.
The outcome is up to you.
Choose from a variety of reports to fit your needs.
I welcome your questions and will try to answer them as promptly as I can.
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I wish you a safe and pleasant journey through this life.
    Linda White Ramirez