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Astrologers use the primal triad of Sun, Moon, and Ascendant in much the same way people who know just a little astrology use Sun signs. The difference is that while there are only twelve Sun signs, there are 1728 different combinations of all three factors. So, for example, when we say that you are an Aries with the Moon in Aquarius and Cancer rising, that's a very specific statement.  Much more definitive than simply saying you are an Aries because that's where the Sun was when you were born.
I will e-mail you a complete chart wheel and an interpretaion report on your Ascendant , Sun and Moon. There is no charge for this service.
Click Here to e-mail me your birth data.
I will need to know;
The type of report you are ordering (specify Free)
Your birth date-Day-Month-Year
Your birth Place-Town-State-Country
Your birth Time-Hour and Minute. ( Specify AM or PM or use military time) This should be as accurate as possible. Your report can only be as precise as the information you send me.
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