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Forecasts (Transits)
Let's shed some light on your future.      That's what transits do. The planets are always in motion. They were in one place when you were born (Natal Chart) and they are in another place now. As they move through the Zodiac, they aspect and affect the planets in your Natal chart. A transit report tells you the effect those energies are having on you now. Not everyone in general, just you. Like the weather report, they help you plan ahead.

Transits- Current positions of planets as they relate to your natal chart. This is your personal forecast. Tells you what energies are working on you at the present time.
Includes progressions which describe the trends your life is taking at this time.
Approximately 25 pages for 3 months transits.$20 online
Approximately 40 pages for 6 months transits.$40 online
Approximately 80 pages for 1 year transits     $50 online
Daily Lunar Transits- 1 month-This is a nifty little device for knowing your moods. It is the moon's aspects to your natal chart and tells much about your energy fluxes from day to day.
Approximately 20 pages $10 online

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